Frequently asked questions


How complete is your nightlife agenda? We have the biggest party database of the Netherlands. We are the first to use an automatic algorithm that collects parties from the internet. This way almost no party goes unnoticed, even in smaller cities.

We can always miss a party though. If you come across one, please let us know via
Why should I login? In the app you can invite your friends to go to a party. Via using your own number and your friends number we connect you. It also allows you to add parties to your own agenda so you can access them quickly.

If you login using Facebook you get even more features. You can view how many people are planning to go to an event and the messages that have been posted on the event page will be shown underneath the event information. Allowing you to make an even better decision if it’s a cool or dull party!

If you don't like creating an account you can always skip it.
Is the app free? The app is completely free and it will continue to stay that way.

Party organisers / Clubs / Bars

How can I add my party to your agenda? Your party is most likely added already. We use automatic systems to collect the party information. The most common way is using Facebook. Please verify if your party is on Facebook and the location has been correctly set. (View next question)

If you’ve done the mentioned above and your party hasn’t been added in 6 hours, then please contact us via
How do I set the party location correctly? We’ll only add parties from Facebook where the location has been set correctly. To do this you’ll have to select the club or venue where the party takes please. Adding the address won’t work. How do I provide the minimum age? The minimum age is extracted from the description of the party. If you add ‘16+’ or ‘18+’ or any other age it will be updated automatically. Note that this can take up to 3 hours. How do I provide the entrance fee? The entrance fee is automatically extracted from the description. This goes alright in most cases, but in some it could go wrong. To be certain it is collected correctly provide it like this:

Entrance: €5,-
Price: €5,-
Entrance: Free
Price: Free

We chose to always display the door price. This is because most of the GoneOut users will use the app for late minute planning. We recommend you do the same but we won’t enforce it.
What should I keep in mind for making a Facebook event?
  1. Make sure the location is correct. (‘How do I set the party location correctly?’)
  2. Provide a description that anyone who hasn’t heard of the party and or venue can understand. Think about music genre, target audience, unique selling points.
  3. Make sure you provide the entrance price (‘How do I provide the entrance fee?’)
  4. Make sure you provide the minimum age. (‘How do I provide the minimum age?’)
That’s it. If you do run into trouble just contact us via and we’ll help you out.

About Us

GoneOut is a nightlife guide created in 2013 created to give an easy overview of available nightlife options. It's the first nightlife agenda to use an automated system for collecting events which makes it the most complete nightlife guide.


Feel free to contact us. We are anxious to hear your opinion and are more than willing to answer your questions.